Blockchain Powered Business Platforms

Blatform is the first Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Economy Powered Business As A Service "BaaS" Platform


Blatform will allow entrepreneurs and companies to start a new business with minimum cost and time, and start creating revenue in days


Blatform is Platforming the business

Blatform in Media

- Platforming the Business

What is Blatform?

Blatform is an ecosystem of Blockchain Powered Business Platforms “BBP”. Platforms are pre-configured, ready to run complete business systems.

Cryptocurrency Exchange and Margin Trade Exchange will be the first Platforms or Blatform.

An entrepreneur will be able to start a Cryptocurrency Exchange or a Margin Trade Exchange business in days, and start creating revenue. There is no need to think about installation and operation of the business platform, you just need to find your customers.

Blatform's native token is FORM. All the platform costs are paid by FORM, all system payments are done by FORM, and any platform's rewards such as extra discounts and increased rewards are paid by FORM.

Biggest questions for a new cryptocurrency token are;

  • Where will I use the token? are there services that I can buy?
  • What will I use the token for? can I get extra benefits with the token?
  • Does it have liquidity?
  • Can I exchange it with Fiat Money or other Cryptocurrencies?

Answer to all these questions are; YES

Blatform itself will have a Cryptocurrency Exchange for liquidity, but also will be open to any exchange in the world.

- Multi Platforms for Maximum Value

Blatform Platforms


Blockchain Business Platforms are ready to run systems, they’re pre-installed and quickly start operation after minimal configuration for White Label Platforms and Private Label Platforms of Blatform.



An Entrepreneur or a Company starting business on Blatform Blockchain Business Platforms will be on the market very quickly without slippage.


Blatform have limited number of Blockchain Business Platforms at the moment, but in time there will be more coming to the market.


Entrepreneurs and Companies will be able to use Blatform Platforms to reach different audiences at different geographic locations and cultures.



Blatform will support Blockchain and Business Software Providers to Create Their Own Platforms on Blatform. These Blatform Partners will create revenue with Blatform, and Platform Owners will reach more platforms to start a new business or an application.

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Datacenter & Cloud Services
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- The Next Generation Enterprise

Blockchain Powered Business As A Service

Cloud Computing is no longer the future, it's the present.

Companies began adopting and implementing cloud computing several years ago, and they've driven the Darwinian-like evolution of cloud computing from What is the cloud?" to "How can we further extend and leverage the benefits of the cloud?" to "Can I run parts of or my entire business in the cloud?"

Today organizations are running cloud project for costs savings and faster time to realize revenues.

Enterprises are turning to third-parties to reuse their solutions rather than lock their valuable capital in sourcing hardware and software themselves. This model is allowing those enterprises to get more efficient, lower costs and achieve business agility across multiple channels, markets and customer segments

Platforming the Business

BaaS Benefits On The Table

BaaS will bring to the table the following benefits:

  • Speed Business vendor experience and complex, knowledge-based work to deliver the   best business results, fast
  • Adaptability Add on innovation from third parties to enterprise business processes
  • Scalability Service availability to other companies with shared costs and shared risk options
  • Cost No capital investment with a subscription pricing model
  • Analytics Performance, efficiency and cost improvement reports
  • Strategy Greater efficiencies and innovative business capabilities by combining platforms,  applications, infrastructure and knowledge processes
  • Collaboration Improved communication between business and IT
  • Monitoring Real-time monitoring
  • Accountability Management of business processes

- Key points

Huge Growth Potential

Blatform Ecosystem’s main purpose is to create value for Blatform Token Owners, Entrepreneurs and Companies who want to start a new Business or Meet a Business Demand.

Blatform is at where the Internet is, practically everywhere.

Everybody can be a Platform Owners, and start a business or an application with Blatform.

We will reach tens of platforms to reach a hundred of country to reach thousands of platform owners to serve millions of users.

Multiple Platforms

Blatform will create multiple platform with internal resources and Platform Partners. There is unlimited potential to open platforms for every business line.


Blatform Token owners will be able to "Stake" FORM on the Blatform Management Platform or Blatform Wallets and earn monthly revenue as FORM. Starting with 5% Monthly Staking Revenue.

Unlimited Growth

Worldwide Platform Owners will start more and more platforms in time. Increasing the number of platforms will lead more platform owners, as a result more users and end customers will grow the platform unlimited.

- Benefits

Blatform Token FORM Features

STAKING - Blatform Token owners who "Stake" the Blatform Token FORM on the Blatform Management Platform or supported wallets will earn monthly FORM

LIQUIDITY - Blatform Token owners will be able to exchange their Blatform Token FORM at different Cryptocurrency Exchanges including Blatform's own Cryptocurrency Exchange

DISCOUNT & BENEFITS - Blatform Token FORM will be the native token of all the platforms. FORM will create discount and reward on Blatform Platforms

VALUE INCREASE - Blatform Token price will start at $0.21 and is expected to increase depending on Supply & Demand nature of Blatform. Blatform's operational profit will be used for Burning FORM Tokens to support value increase.

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ICO "Initial Coin Offering"


The purpose of Blatform is to establish blockchain-based business platforms where entrepreneurs can quickly generate income at low costs and where companies can start the applications they need without wasting time.


Blatform develops and installs platforms together with technology providers, and installations are already started. Blatform is a project that is on the run.


However, since all platforms work with the cryptocurrency economy on the blockchain, the most appropriate method for financing the growth of Blatform will be an ICO.


Blatform will implement the ICO as a crowdfunding method.


ICO will also enable Blatform to reach the Cryptocurrency Community on a very large scale and promote the Blatform Brand, and reach more audience for potential Platform Owners.

FORM Credit Sales Information


Blatform ICO has already started, but you're not late. We're developing our platforms, creating our go to market strategy, a better marketing strategy and more.

You can join Blatform as a member anytime, and be a part of the Blatform Ecosystem.

Blatform ICO is moving on with Rounds, every round token supply is changing and FORM Credit price is increasing by demand.

Early FORM Credit buyers will get a better price, and existing Round can close any time.

When the declared FORM Credit Cap is reached, that ICO Round will end and the following ICO Round will start with a new Cap and Price.

At the end of the ICO you will be able to claim your FORM Token to the listed exchange which will be equal to your FORM Credits.

Token Symbol


Token Standard



1st May 2021

ICO Start

1st June 2021


21th December 2021

Max Token Supply

Soft Cap


Hard Cap


PRE-ICO FORM Credit Price


Existing FORM Credit Price



FORM Credit Price



ICO Round 1

FORM Credit Price



ICO Round 2

FORM Credit Price



ICO Round 3

FORM Credit Price



ICO Round 4

FORM Credit Price



ICO Round 5

FORM Credit Price



ICO Round 6

FORM Credit Price



ICO Round 7

FORM Credit Price



FORM Credit Price


Will End Soon

ICO Ends On 21.12.2021

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Token Sales Allocation


ICO Sales


Staking Pool


Development Pool


Platform Operations





Funds Allocation


Platform Developments


Legal & Advisory


Marketing & Sales





2021 MAY


2021 JUN

ICO Start

2021 SEP

Company Setup

2021 OCT

Spot Exchange Platform Installation Start

2021 OCT

Margin Trade Platform Installation Start

2021 DEC

End Of ICO

2021 DEC

Blatform Token Trade Start

2021 DEC

Blatform Token Staking Start

2022 JAN

Margin Trade Platforms Production

2022 JAN

Phase1 Installations Start

2022 JAN

Spot Exchange PLatforms Production

2022 FEB

Phase2 Installations Start

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