Blatform Platforms

Blatform will start with NFT Platforms, Margin Trade Platforms, and Crypto Exchanges.

Blatform will have a limited number of Blockchain Platforms at the start, but in time there will be more coming to the market.

Blatform will also support Blockchain Applications and Platform Developers to launch their own platforms with Blatform, so they will be able to reach new customers worldwide.

NFT Platforms

When we talk about NFT, non-fungible tokens, almost everybody think about NFT marketplaces, digital collectibles and popular collections, and yes NFTs open the door to the tokenization of any collectibles that can be captured and owned digitally.

NFTs are not limited to digital collectibles. Blatform has developed a different approach that transforms NFTs into a revolutionary tool for the whole business world. Thanks to Blatform’s NFT Platforms; every person, company, or institution will be able to adopt NFTs as a new method for transcending their business into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency World.

Everybody can create an NFT Marketplace with Blatform, but more than that, every type of business, company, institution will be able to benefit from these NFT Platforms.

Please check our NFT Platforms page to get more information.

Margin Trade Platforms

The main purpose of the Margin Trade Platforms for Blatform is to generate higher daily trade volumes and increase the demand for Blatform Token.

Better conditions will be provided for traders who deposit, trade and pay commissions with Blatform Token on the Margin Trade Platforms.

Margin Trade Platform setup and operation fees will be low, and almost every entrepreneur in the world will be able to launch a Margin Trade Platform with Blatform, and reach their local community to create revenue.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The main purpose of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform is to create liquidity for Blatform Token and support all Blatform Ecosystem with high Blatform Token Liquidity.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms will be running under Blatform’s Business Partner brands in every country.

With local exchanges, Blatform will be creating liquidity and Fiat Gateways for other type of platforms like NFT Platforms and future platforms.

Future Platforms

Blatform will start with a limited number of BaaS Platforms including NFT Platforms, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, and Margin Trade Platforms.

Next phase, we will be adding more platforms based on DeFi, Gamification, E-Commerce, and Metaverse; and integrate all the platforms in a single ecosystem.