CoinQuora Exclusive Interview – Blatform CEO Ugur Isbuyuran

The blockchain industry continues to rise. Business magnates and the community globally have backed widespread crypto innovations. The more the crypto projects it develops, the more possible it is to prosper beyond its limitations.

Blatform is the world’s first “Business as a Service,“ platform service provider powered by blockchain technologies. The platform allows anyone who wants to enter the NFT world. Additionally, the Blatform aims to invest in Metaverse in 2023 as part of its business strategy.

In an exclusive interview, CoinQuora talked with Ugur Isbuyuran, Founder and CEO at Blatform. He answered some important questions about his company in the crypto space in general. Here are some questions we asked Ugur:

Q. How does blockchain integrate or connect to your project?

All Blatform platforms work in integration with each other, in a system where they share and use the needed liquidity together. At the center of this entire ecosystem is the governance token Batform cryptocurrency, which runs on blockchain technology.

In addition, all our platforms can only be deposited and withdrawn with cryptocurrency, and all of our NFT, DeFi based platforms work on blockchain technologies and the cryptocurrency economy.

Q. What do you think about the metaverse and other things that connect to the metaverse space?

Metaverse is a great way of human collaboration, but there’s great potential for companies and institutions as well. We believe that the metaverse will not only unite people in the future. But will fundamentally change the way companies do business and the way their communities communicate with companies and institutions.

Our NFT platforms are the first step for Blatform to enter the metaverse. Starting from 2023, we aim to invest in metaverse to complete our business strategy and to migrate our business partners to metaverse at a low cost, easily and quickly.

Q. What are the new projects you see on the horizon? Are there any projects you are planning to venture into?

Blatform has started with NFT platforms, margin trade exchanges, and cryptocurrency exchanges. Next step, we will be focusing on DeFi projects. In the future, our main focus will be metaverse and integrating it into our platform ecosystem.

Q. What makes your project different from the others?

Blatform’s biggest difference is to become the cloud provider of all blockchain and cryptocurrency-based platforms such as Exchanges, NFT platforms, or DeFi platforms. But, not just limited to the platform and the service itself, we will be supporting our business partners with liquidity, operation, marketing, and customer support.

Our approach automatically provides a great deal of know-how to our business partners and when we talk about our business partners. We are not talking about highly experienced technical companies. We are talking about sports clubs, universities, manufacturing companies, museums, agriculture, media industry, and charities. We want to involve any type of company or institution in the blockchain world.

Q. Can you tell what new technology you are excited about?

We are very excited about the different uses of NFTs for humans and nature. We will soon see industrial forestry, agriculture, and charitable NFT projects that will change the way we support people and nature. Although not soon, with the spreading of metaverse and increasing integration with NFTs. Every company will be able to sell virtual versions of their products on metaverse, which will create a huge economy and change the way people live.

Q. Do you have anything specific to share about your project?

Blatform is based on partnerships, with our business partners and local partners which will cover the different jurisdiction demands. We will be accessing all major markets quickly and will have the chance to deliver our platforms to thousands of business partners.

Q. How does it feel to be a part of the 22nd Edition World Blockchain Summit in Dubai?

Blatform will list Blatform token on exchanges and start platforms based on NFT, margin trade, and crypto exchanges at the end of May 2022.

We’re very excited to be at World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, and show our solutions to the blockchain and cryptocurrency community for the first time.

Q. How can the interested investors contact you?

We have two major goals, one of them is to reach potential business partners all over the world and to reach investors to sell more Blatform tokens before listing and accelerate the development speed.

CoinQuora Exclusive Interview – Blatform CEO Ugur Isbuyuran