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Enabling Entrepreneurs & Business People To Start Their Own Business In Days

Blatform is the world's first Business as a Service, BaaS Provider, powered by Blockchain Technologies, working on the Cryptocurrency Economy. 

Building a successful business in a short time at a reasonable initial investment cost is a common business challenge. It is even more difficult to operate the business at low cost and make it profitable.

Blatform offers low-cost and ready-to-run platforms to start a new business on blockchain and cryptocurrency-related markets.

Blatform enables entrepreneurs and business people to start a business in shortest time with minimum investment and start creating revenue for a profitable operation.

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Become A Blatform Business Partner

Blatform Business Partnership for Entrepreneurs and Business People

Start your journey to have a business branded by you.

Blatform offers different business platforms based on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency economy that are low cost, ready to work very fast and generate revenue, have low operating costs and are easy to use.

Blatform BaaS Platforms


Blatform will start with Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Margin Trade Exchanges for the first phase and will develop more platforms with internal resources and Ecosystem Partners.

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- Business As A Service

Future of starting a new business

Cloud Computing is no longer the future, it's the present.

Companies began adopting and implementing cloud computing several years ago, and they've driven the Darwinian-like evolution of cloud computing from What is the cloud?" to "How can we further extend and leverage the benefits of the cloud?" to "Can I run parts of or my entire business in the cloud?"

Today organizations are running cloud project for costs savings and faster time to realize revenues.

Enterprises are turning to third-parties to reuse their solutions rather than lock their valuable capital in sourcing hardware and software themselves. This model is allowing those enterprises to get more efficient, lower costs and achieve business agility across multiple channels, markets and customer segments

Invest, Support, Win


The Initial Coin Offering “ICO”, is a crowdfunding method that will be used to raise the necessary finance for the development of Blatform Ecosystem.

ICO is also important for Blatform to reach a large FORM Token holder base, and a community.

The ICO Process will also be an important marketing tool as it will enable Blatform to reach a very large audience and connect with Blatform's potential Business Partners.

FORM Token holders will be able to "Stake" FORM Tokens to earn FORM Tokens on a monthly basis.

FORM Token is a utiliyy token and will reduce costs, increase benefits and provide liquidity for the Blatform BaaS Platforms..

The main purpose of the Blatform Ecosystem is to create value for Cryptocurrency Community, Blockchain Application Developers, Entrepreneurs, Business People and FORM Token holders. 

- Key points

Huge Growth Potential

Blatform Ecosystem’s main purpose is to create value for Blatform Token Owners, Entrepreneurs and Companies who want to start a new Business or Meet a Business Demand.

Blatform is at where the Internet is, practically everywhere.

Everybody can be a Platform Owners, and start a business or an application with Blatform.

We will reach tens of platforms to reach a hundred of country to reach thousands of platform owners to serve millions of users.

Multiple Platforms

Blatform will create multiple platform with internal resources and Platform Partners. There is unlimited potential to open platforms for every business line.


Blatform Token owners will be able to "Stake” Blatform Token on the Blatform Management Platform or Blatform Wallets and earn monthly revenue as Platform Token.

Unlimited Growth

Worldwide Platform Owners will start more and more platforms in time. Increasing the number of platforms will lead more platform owners, as a result more users and end customers will grow the platform unlimited.

- Benefits

Blatform Token FORM Features

STAKING - Blatform Token owners who "Stake" the Blatform Token on the Blatform Management Platform or supported wallets will earn monthly token.

LIQUIDITY - Blatform Token owners will be able to exchange their Blatform Token at different Cryptocurrency Exchanges including Blatform's own Cryptocurrency Exchange.

DISCOUNT & BENEFITS - Blatform Token FORM will be the native token of all the platforms. Blatform Tokens will create discount and reward on Blatform Platforms

VALUE INCREASE - Blatform Token price is expected to increase depending on Supply & Demand nature of Blatform. Blatform's operational profit will be used for Burning Blatform Tokens to support value increase.

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Blatform Token in the middle of all the platforms

The purpose of Blatform is to establish blockchain-based business platforms where entrepreneurs can quickly generate income at low costs and where companies can start the applications they need without wasting time.


Blatform develops and installs platforms together with technology providers, and installations are already started. Blatform is a project that is on the run.


However, since all platforms work with the cryptocurrency economy on the blockchain, the most appropriate method for financing the growth of Blatform will be an ICO.


Blatform will implement the ICO as a crowdfunding method.


ICO will also enable Blatform to reach the Cryptocurrency Community on a very large scale and promote the Blatform Brand, and reach more audience for potential Platform Owners.

FORM Credit Sales Information


Blatform ICO is ongoing, but you're not late. We're developing our platforms, installing our systems and onboarding our business partners. You can join Blatform as a member now, and be a part of the Blatform Ecosystem.

Blatform ICO is moving on with Rounds, every round token supply is decreasing and FORM Credit price is increasing by demand.

Early FORM Credit buyers will get better price. Existing Round can close any time, when existing ICO Round ends, the following ICO Round will start with increased Price.

At the end of the ICO you will be able to claim your FORM Token to the listed exchange which will be equal to your FORM Credits.

Token Symbol



31st March 2022

Max Token Supply

ICO End Max. Circulating Supply


Soft Cap


Hard Cap


Existing FORM Credit Price


Estimated Exchange Listing Price

$1.10 and increasing based on demand

ICO Round 12

Blatform Token Credit Price


Will End Soon

Token Sales Allocation


Private Sales


Staking Pool & Customer Incentives


Development Pool


Platform Operations





Funds Allocation


Platform Developments






Sales & Marketing



Q2 2021

Blatform ICO Start

Q4 2021

Blatform Company Setup

Q4 2021

Token Foundation Setup

Q1 2022

Crypto Exchange BaaS Setup Start

Q1 2022

Margin Trade Exchange BaaS Setup Start

Q1 2022

FORM Token Exchange Listing

Q1 2022

FORM Token Trade Start

Q1 2022

FORM Token Staking Start

Q2 2022

Blatform Crypto Exchange Start

Q2 2022

Blatform Margin Exchange Start

Q2 2022

Crypto Exchange BaaS Operation

Q2 2022

Margin Trade Exchange BaaS Operation

Q2 2022

NFT Platform BaaS Setup Start

Q2 2022

STO Platform Exchange BaaS Setup Start

Q3 2022

iGaming BaaS Setup Start

Q3 2022

Blockchain Lottery BaaS Setup Start

Q4 2022

NFT Platform BaaS Operation

Q4 2022

STO Platform Exchange BaaS Operation

Q1 2023

iGaming BaaS Operation

Q1 2023

Blockchain Lottery BaaS Operation

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