Blatform Business Partners Meeting, Istanbul

The executives of Blatform, the Singapore-based technology company which was established at the end of 2021, came together with the company’s overseas consultants, board members and investor partners at Blatform’s office in Ataşehir, Istanbul.

Aiming to strengthen companies with blockchain technologies and the cryptocurrency economy, and to open new business areas for them, the executives of Blatform came together with Yogesh Patel, one of the company’s advisory board members, and other partners and investors, and held a meeting.

Blatform CMO Ertan Turhan stated that the Blatform company will offer blockchain technology to its business partners, saying, “Blatform was officially established in Singapore three months ago, after the completion of an approximately one and a half years of research. In particular, we established Blatform to produce platforms on Blockchain Technology, and publish these platforms in various business partnerships with our customers around the world. Blockchain technology actually gives us great opportunities.

For example, Metaverse and NFT platforms, with their popular names, are in the area of interest of many people today. In fact, we will build the infrastructure of these, and share it with our clients and business partners. In other words, we share the blessings that Blockchain Technology has given us with our business partners. Thus, we will not only be an economy built on cryptocurrency, but also directly share our platforms with our business circles. We have created international solutions regarding this infrastructure. We first established our company in Singapore. Then we established two more companies in Turkey. We will be working on Exchange, NFT platforms and similar STO-style studies,” he said.

Blatform Will Offer Platforms to Business Partners

Turhan compared the platform structures they will offer to their business partners with the businesses that open stores on today’s e-commerce sites, “Let me give an example; If we told a business owner about 10 years ago, that he would transfer his business to a digital environment, and that he would make all the sales on a certain panel, he would have no idea about how it would be done. But today, the stores which are on board of many world-famous e-commerce sites, can reach out to whole world with many business partners. It is quite similar to operating an online store on an e-commerce site. We create and launch platforms with Blockchain Technologies and offer them to our clients and customers as digital B2B or B2C services. For someone who wants to start a business, like opening a stock market, seems quite impossible at the moment. Yet, with Blatform, a person who wants to open a stock market will be able to form unique business partnerships easily with his own customers in this ecosystem, by getting many services from us only with membership. To put it briefly, it was very difficult to open a shop 10 years ago, but now it is very simple. In the future, thanks to Blatform, the panels that are provided to business owners will be very simple, and we plan to spread Blatform’s infrastructure to the whole world,” he said.

Successful to Develop High Speed Processing


Evaluating Blatform from the perspective of Silicon Valley after the meeting, Yogesh Patel, one of the company’s advisory board members, said, “Blatform has succeeded in developing high-speed transaction processes in the stock market infrastructure works, especially the platforms it has developed. Cryptocurrency exchanges have run everything smoothly in their DeFi platform work. That’s what got me excited about being a consultant at Blatform. At the same time, all these platforms will enable many partners around the world to create their own platforms (White Label). “There are many partners who are interested in starting to build bigger and better products using this technology.”

The COO of the company, Ali Erkan Konak, emphasized the security standards of Blatform, stating, “We are a very transparent company. We abide by the regulations to the fullest. We are engaged in operational activities. We do not have a product in a virtual environment that does not have a business logic behind it or a project. We realize real products, real projects. We work with international business partnerships. Therefore, we are no different from a brick-and-mortar company that anyone would want to invest in today. The only difference is that we are a company that does business with cryptocurrency economy using blockchain technology in the digital world.”

Konak said, “Actually, the regulations regarding this sector have not been formed yet, they are in the process of being formed; and we are following them closely. We have completed our compliance with the regulations in the world and waiting for the regulations (which will be announced soon) in Turkey. When they are released, we will review them and adapt quickly. As of now, we do not have any incompatibilities. I would also like to say that our customer data is stored in the data centers in Turkey. This ensures compliance on the part of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) in Turkey,” he said.