Business as a Service

Business as a Service BaaS is the provision of a ready-to-work business platform as a service by preparing all the infrastructure, application, integration and business processes required to establish an online business platform.

The BaaS Platform is not only a ready-to-work system, it also covers all necessary financing and operational needs depending on the business area.

After launching the platform, operational operation and system maintenance are also covered by BaaS. 

- Benefits

Blatform Token FORM Features

INFRASTRUCTURE - Blatform Token owners who "Stake" the Blatform Token BFORM on the Blatform Management Platform or supported wallets will earn monthly BFORM

LICENSE - Blatform Token owners will be able to exchange their Blatform Token BFORM at different Cryptocurrency Exchanges including Blatform's own Cryptocurrency Exchange

SUPPORT - Blatform Token BFORM will be the native token of all the platforms. BFORM will create discount and reward on Blatform Platforms

LIQUIDITY - Blatform Token price will start at $0.21 and is expected to increase depending on Supply & Demand nature of Blatform. Blatform's operational profit will be used for Burning BFORM Tokens to support value increase.

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