By browsing, accessing or using the Blatform website, by creating account in Blatform ecosystem and or by downloading or using the mobile application Blatform, you hereby agree with the present Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”).

The Terms shall be a binding legal agreement between Blatform (the “Company”) and you, a natural person, user of Blatform website and or mobile application (the “User” or “You”).

The Company reserves the right to amend the Terms at any time. If you disagree with any amendment, you must immediately discontinue your access to the Blatform website and or mobile application and stop use all the services offered by the Company. If you continue to use the website and or mobile application, the amended Terms shall have legal force for you and your actions shall constitute acceptance of the amended Terms.



1.1 “Account” means an account open by the User in Blatform ecosystem through the official website or mobile application. The User can log into the account on different devices by inserting correct account credentials. The account can only be accessed by the User with corresponding login and password.

1.2 “Applicable law” means any law, rule, statute, subordinate legislation, regulation, by-law, order, ordinance, protocol, code, guideline, treaty, policy, notice, direction or judicial, arbitral, administrative, ministerial or departmental judgment, award, decree, treaty, directive, or other requirement or guideline published or in force at any time which applies to or is otherwise intended to govern or regulate any person (including all parties to this Terms), property, transaction, activity, event or other matter, including any rule, order, judgment, directive or other requirement or guideline issued by any governmental or regulatory authority.

1.3 “Application” means this mobile application Blatform.

1.4 “Fiat currency” means a currency issued by a country's government or central bank.

1.5 “Intellectual property” means all the patents, patent applications, industrials designs, trademarks and trademark applications, software, all the copyrightable objects, including but not limited to programs, texts and content, translations, images, videos, graphics, music, owned by the Company or duly licensed to the Company so the Company has legal right to use them.

1.6 “Cryptocurrency” means Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies depending on the settings of the user account. The Company can modify, expand and amend the list of available cryptocurrencies at any time.

1.7 “Force Majeure Event” means any event beyond the party’s reasonable control, including, but not limited to, flood, extraordinary weather conditions, earthquake, or other act of God, fire, war, insurrection, riot, labor dispute, accident, action of government, communications, power failure, failure in bank performance, or equipment or software malfunction including network splits or “forks” or unexpected changes in a computer network upon which the Services rely.

1.9 “License” means a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license granted by the Company to the User to use the Blatform ecosystem through Website and or Application for the purpose of holding, saving or trading cryptocurrencies.

1.10 “Payment Service Partner” means the Company’s partner that provides to the Company payment processing services and exchanges the User’s fiat (government-issued) money into cryptocurrency and vice versa.

1.11 “Blatform ecosystem” means all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem, consisting of Blatform Platforms and all the other new products and services that may be added in the future.

1.12 “Services” means all and any of the services that the Company provides to the User by means of Blatform ecosystem.