‘World Blockchain Summit’ to begin in Dubai

World Blockchain Summit (WBS) Dubai, the most influential cryptocurrency and blockchain summit in the Middle East since 2017, will take place face to face. The focus of the event, which will be held on March 23-24, 2022, will be blockchain, cryptocurrency economy, NFT, Metaverse, Web 3.0 ecosystems, and the latest developments in the industry.

Cryptoasset and the latest developments in blockchain technologies will be presented to the world at WBS DubaiBlatform will take place as both a sponsor and participant in WBS Dubai, one of the most important events of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry worldwide.

WBS Dubai, which is the center of attention of trade, culture, and various industry groups, offers a unique networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, developers, those interested in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and global media figures.


The UAE, especially Dubai, is known for its active stance on the topics of crypto and blockchain technology in recent days. With this position, Dubai, which wants to further highlight its “Cryptofriendly” structure, is updating the infrastructures of its governing bodies to encourage the adoption of blockchain technologies.

Launched to promote crypto and blockchain technologies, *DMCC Dubai Multi Crypto Center is home to more than 100 organizations operating in the crypto assets field. Dubai has also opened a free economic zone for business offering, exporting, listing, and trading activities with cryptocurrency. DMCC has signed an agreement with the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) to provide licensing to firms dealing with crypto assets. In addition, Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) has started work with SCA to expand the use of blockchain throughout the UAE, especially in Dubai, in order to contribute to the growth in the cryptocurrency sector and improve the country’s blockchain strategy.

Considering all these developments, WBS Dubai, which will be held face-to-face and comprehensively for the first time in 3 years, is expected to make a big impact in the sector.


Participated in the WBS Dubai event as a sponsor and panel guest, CMO of Blatform company Ertan Turhan said, “Considering the infrastructure provided by Dubai to its technologies in recent years, we believe that taking part in such an event will create a huge business potential for Blatform. Together with Blatform board members, we will hold introductory meetings with institutional investors, industry offices, hedge funds, asset providers, and angel investors looking for the most innovative venture projects in Crypto and Blockchain. We are also planning meetings with world-renowned industry experts, who are carefully selected based on their contributions to the field. We will exchange information about the new technologies of the future with IT entrepreneurs and blockchain developers who are thought leaders in the crypto world” emphasizing the WBS’s importance.

“We are pleased to be a sponsor and entrepreneur at WBS Dubai with our Singapore-based software company Blatform, which focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. We did meticulous research in the planning of the fair and the event. We know that Trescon, the organizer of the WBS event, is a global business event and consulting firm that provides a wide range of business services to a diverse client base. That is why we are very excited to be present at this most important event of the industry” said Turhan.


World Blockchain Summit to begin in Dubai



Enlightening sessions will be held at WBS Dubai, attended by experts in the blockchain and crypto field, that will answer some of the most pressing questions in the industry today. New methods for future technology planning will be presented with panel discussions on new ideas, industry notes, usage cases, and desk chats.

“Singapore-based technology company Blatform, which will attend the WBS Dubai event, will review presentations, usage cases, and training sessions from global technology providers showcasing the latest innovations they have designed and sign new collaborations while focusing on enabling businesses and organizations to adopt blockchain and crypto solutions,” said Ali Erkan Konak, COO of Blatform.


In addition to the WBS events, a competition with a prize of 1 million USD will be held, in which 30 participants will compete. The Startup World Cup competition is an exemplary competition ecosystem to attract the brightest minds from around the world. Participants who will compete in the system will also be entitled to go to San Francisco in addition to the 1 million USD prize.