Who We Are

Blatform is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform provider. Blatform Platforms are powered by Blockchain Technologies working on the Cryptocurrency Economy.

Blatform makes it possible for every company, institution or an entrepreneur to start a platform or a business, create revenue in a short time with minimum investment, and run a successful operation.

Blatform founders are a group of experts in Information & Finance Technologies, with more than 20 years of business experience with international business culture, and connections with worldwide technology and finance partners.

Blatform’s headquarters is in Singapore, and we also have established offices and companies in Turkey, India, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

We have already reached a team of more than 50 people including management, operation, development, marketing, and advisory board; and we are growing every month.

Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain Adoption is the key to our business, and our main strategy.

We want to enable all companies, institutions and entrepreneurs to enter Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world and get the full benefit of it without the need for technical expertise.

Value for Investors & Holders

Blatform will create value for Blatform Token Investors with staking rewards, and Blatform Token’s value will increase organically based on Supply-Demand ecosystem.

Blatform Token Staking and slow inflation to release all the tokens into market in more than 10 years will limit the supply and create demand for Blatform Token as all Blatform Platforms will only accept Blatform Token for setup and fee payments.

Adoption of Every Business

Unlike classic short-term and long-term cryptocurrency investors and traders, Blatform is adopting every other type of businesses into the Blockchain World. Every company and institution which already has thousands and even millions of customers will enter Blockchain World with Blatform, whether they’re local or global.

Continuous Growth

Blatform is starting with a limited number of platform types, but will increase the number of the platforms quickly, and will spread all over the world for both local and international companies and institutions, and every entrepreneur in the world will be able to start a platform with Blatform. Our target is to reach 500 platforms and 100M end users at the end of 2025.

Blatform Token Rewards

Blatform Token owners will be able to "stake” their Blatform Tokens and earn monthly income in Blatform Tokens. Every Blatform Platform will create separate incentives based on Blatform Token s. Every Blatform Platform will create separate incentives based on Blatform Token, and the payments will be less when paid in Blatform Tokens.