Take your place in the ever-growing Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Blatform will start with NFT Platforms, Margin Trade Platforms and Crypto Exchanges in Q2 2022 and will start to be listed on Cryptocurrency Exchanges at the same time.

Our goal is to reach more than 500 platforms and 100M end users together with our Business Partners before the end of 2025.

Take your place in our journey and support us to create the Huge Mass Adoption of any kind of business or institution into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency World.

Moving Non-Traders into Blockchain & Cryptocurrency World

World population is 7.7 billion. More than %65 of all the people on the Earth have a bank account. This means, approximately 5 billion people have a bank account.

On the other hand, there are only about 300 million people with a crypto account in at least one of the exchanges, and the biggest crypto exchange in the world have fewer than 40 million users.

We can accept that these crypto users are daily or long-term traders, but most of them are not users, and there is a huge number of people are still out of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world as they’re not traders today or will not be traders in the future.

Blatform will create platforms to adopt this non-trader billions into blockchain and the cryptocurrency world.


Value for Investors & Holders

Blatform will create value for Blatform Token Investors with staking rewards, and Blatform Token’s value will increase organically based on Supply-Demand ecosystem.

Blatform Token Staking and slow inflation to release all the tokens into market in more than 10 years will limit the supply and create demand for Blatform Token as all Blatform Platforms will only accept Blatform Token for setup and fee payments.

Adoption of Every Business

Unlike classic short-term and long-term cryptocurrency investors and traders, Blatform is adopting every other type of businesses into the Blockchain World. Every company and institution who already have thousands and even millions of customers will enter Blockchain World with Blatform, whether they’re local or worldwide.

Continuous Growth

Blatform is starting with a limited number of platform types, but will increase the number of the platforms quickly, and will spread all over the world for both local and international companies and institutions, and every entrepreneur in the world will be able to start a platform with Blatform. Our target is to reach 500 platforms and 100M end users at the end of 2025.

Blatform Token Rewards

Blatform Token owners will be able to "stake” their Blatform Tokens and earn monthly income in Blatform Tokens. Every Blatform Platform will create separate incentives based on Blatform Token, and the payments will be less when paid in Blatform Tokens.


Blatform Token Features

STAKING - Blatform Token owners who "Stake" their Blatform Tokens will earn monthly Blatform Tokens as reward
LIQUIDITY - Blatform Token owners will be able to exchange their Blatform Tokens on various Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms to reach liquidity whenever needed
DISCOUNT & BENEFITS - Blatform Token will be the native token of all the platforms. Blatform Token will create discounts and rewards on Blatform Platforms
VALUE INCREASE - Blatform Token's price is expected to increase organically depending on the supply & demand nature of Blatform Token


A Real Utility Token

There are hundreds of successful companies and projects in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency markets worldwide, and they create hundreds of millions of daily trade volume; and a very high percentage of this volume is generated on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Starting with NFT and Exchange platforms, Blatform will launch hundreds of platforms to create a usage base and daily liquidity, and in time we will be launching more platforms such as E-Commerce, Charity, DeFi and Metaverse to create real usage, and become a real utility token.

Becoming a utility token with a daily organic trade volume will help Blatform Token’s price to increase when “Blatform Token Staking” and “Limited supply” are added into the equation.

Blatform Tokenomics

  • Limited circulation, only %2.2 of the total tokens will be on the market at listing date; and it will take more than 10 years for all the tokens to be released.