Blatform Blockchain powered BaaS platform UAE and Turkey key crypto markets

Blatform, Blockchain Business as a Service (BaaS) platform state that Turkey and UAE are two key markets for crypto transactions with 18.6% and 11% ownership of cryptocurrency respectively. Blatform based out of Singapore have also just appointed MENA GoDaddy General Manager, Selina Bieber to their Advisory Board.

Selina is the General Manager for GoDaddy in the MENA region, where she drives regional growth through key marketing and business investments, in parallel to defining and enhancing the regional GoDaddy offering to meet local customer needs. Having launched several markets for GoDaddy, Selina will bring critical go-to-market experience to the Blatform business to support initial platform launches and broader international growth.

Ertan Turhan, CMO of Blatform stated in a press release, stated” I am delighted that Selina is joining the Blatform Advisory Board. Selina brings a wealth of experience in the tech, marketing and business space that will support Blatform on its growth journey as the world’s first BaaS platform. When it comes to ownership of Crypto, we see Turkey and the UAE as two key markets for transactions with 18.6% and 11% ownership of cryptocurrency respectively. Selina has vast experience experience across the entire EMEA region, but her knowledge of these two markets in-particular will be invaluable to help refine our strategy in these key business landscapes.”

As per their website Blatform is a Business-as-a-Service (BaaS)  platform provider that helps finance companies and investors to start a blockchain-powered business in days.

“We are pleased to be a sponsor and entrepreneur at WBS Dubai with our Singapore-based software company Blatform, which focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. We did meticulous research in the planning of the fair and the event. We know that Trescon, the organizer of the WBS event, is a global business event and consulting firm that provides a wide range of business services to a diverse client base. That is why we are very excited to be present at this most important event of the industry” said Turhan.