Blatform executives met with their partners

The executives of Blatform which was officially established 3 months ago in Singapore after a development process of one and a half years, came together with the company’s overseas consultants, board members and investor partners at their offices in Istanbul Ataşehir.

Aiming to strengthen companies with blockchain technologies and the crypto money economy and to open new business areas for them, the executives of Blatform came together with Yogesh Patel, one of the company’s advisory board member partners, and other partners and investors, and held a meeting.


Blatform CMO Ertan Turhan stated that the Blatform company, which was established after 1.5 years of preliminary preparation, will offer Blockchain technology to its business partners, and said, “Blatform was officially established in Singapore 3 months ago, but we developed Blatform as a result of approximately 1.5 years of research before its establishment.