Blatform will introduce new services for cryptocurrency and blockchain!

Blatform’s CEO Ertan Turhan said, “It is aimed at blockchain structures, structural infrastructure, from scratch and creative structures in the field of Crypto Exchange, STO, NFT and Defi. We will spread our solutions and the 5 50 to be grown”.

Among the new generation investment tools, NFT, crypto money blockchain platforms, which come more often than any end user, have a special place. According to the news from place to place in the world, a site that can be considered for places around the world is included in websites. Start started.


Blatform CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Ertan Turhan said in his opinion, “Cryptocurrency country, blockchain reaches structures, infrastructure, life and life. We will partner with these services at affordable costs for our access to them”.

Turhan continues as follows: “Blatform’s platforms such as money and NTF are very short together with business partners and business people for the first time in the world. Blatform is running all their programs here, explaining that they will come to joint business and start to achieve in a very short time”.

As he lives, he comes from Blatform’s companies, USA and Turkey, one of them is professionals and business world with 20 years of experience in their field. “We are planning to establish a worldwide network next,” said key figures on the subject.


50 services in 5 years

Ertan Turhan, who is shaped as “Blatform will be tested by a team with 20 years of experience in information technologies, crypto money economy, blockchain, finance, investment, international environment, media and international fund management”, will be designed in relation to the target. said: “We aim to establish more than 50 activities in the next 5 years. Thus, we plan to reach over 10 million customers by increasing our total number of platforms to over 1,000. Our main goals are to establish an R&D platform incubation center for crypto money and blockchain trainings, and to train both ourselves and young entrepreneurs.”