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The metaverse is already here.

22.11.2021 07:00:03

Last month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent everyone running to their dictionaries to figure out what he was talking about when he said Facebook was changing its name to Meta and declared the metaverse not only the next chapter for his company, but "the next chapter for the internet."

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Elrond launches ‘largest DeFi incentive program ever’ worth $1.3B as Maiar DEX launches

22.11.2021 06:57:14

Elrond has announced one of the largest incentive programs in the DeFi space, worth $1.29 billion. The incentive program targets making Maiar DEX DeFi platform one of the industry’s largest as it launches today.

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Blockchain Association boosts lobbying power with $4m funding injection

22.11.2021 06:49:02

The Blockchain Association, a lobbying group for improving public policy towards crypto and decentralised ledgers, has raised $4 million (£2.97m) in new funding.

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Refactoring Global Finance

02.11.2021 11:57:48

One Decentralized Application At A Time. Discover How You Can Build Your First Elrond dApp From Scratch In Just 15 Minutes

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